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Types of Fish in Bradenton

We often fish for Snook, Redfish, Trout, Tarpon, Grouper and Snapper on our fishing charter.

The waters that surround Anna Maria Island is where we typically fish but we also venture into the backcountry bays of Terra Ceia Bay and Sarasota Bay. Using a fishing charter, we are able to see fish in many parts surrounding Bradenton beach.


The 2017 twenty-four foot boat can comfortably fit six anglers. A fishing charter is great for small corporate events, travellers, experienced anglers, and those looking to get into the sport.


Types of Fish



Snook weigh about 30 pounds and are about 1.5 feet long on average. Snook’s have a distinctive black lateral line on their side. They are found primarily in the Gulf of Mexico and can be caught year round except for really cold months.



Redfish can be caught year round. They offer tons of actions for anglers year round. Identifiable by their pinkish/red color, Redfish are great for anglers who want to bring in a larger fish. Adults can reach 55 pounds.



Trout are some of the main fish caught in the area. Weighing anywhere from 5 pounds to 15, and at a length of roughly 20 inches, Trout are a fun catch for all ages.



Can survive in a variety of waters including salt and freshwater. They grow to between 4 -8 feet long and weigh from 60-100+ pounds. They are caught during all times of the year. Fishing near Sarasota Bay is sure to find you some Tarpon’s.



Groupers can vary in size in length. They are often found in the fall, winter, and spring.



Weighing around 28 pounds, Snapper fish tend to stay closer to shore and often have a pinkish/red color that distinguishes them.


A fishing charter in Bradenton, Florida can help you find fish you won’t be able to get from the shore.

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