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inshore/nearshore charters

Captain Jeremy specializes in inshore and nearshore fishing giving you the best of both worlds. whether its back country shallow water fishing chasing trophy snook and redfish or fishing the reefs for grouper, snapper,permit,cobia,sharks,or Goliath grouper!also may-july offers some of the most exciting tarpon fishing south west Florida has to offer!

How does it work?

When you call our friendly guides, they’ll ask you some simple questions what you want to accomplish on your charter.  Whether you want to stay inshore, offshore, or haven’t decided, you’ll love our private tours. Some people head to the gulf for sport fishing, while others enjoy staying within the Tampa Bay area just to relax. Since our base of operations is in Bradenton, just minutes from Sarasota, we always have boats in the water ready to charter for some amazing Florida scenery.

What size are the fish?

Our private charter tour clients catch some pretty impressive species when they charter with us. Whether you’re a casual or sports fisher, you’ll find an almost endless number of possibilities from our Bradenton dock.  If Tampa Bay is your cup of tea, and what a cup it is, we can show you some of the best deep sea fishing excitement that Florida has to offer.

What is the difference between nearshore & inshore charter fishing?

When we take a private tours to catch specimens in water that is no more than a mile from land; that is considered a nearshore activity. Our Bradenton dock & the Sarasota coastline offers many options for these private nearshore charters. Beyond this tour experience, we also offer inshore fishing.  The Tampa Bay area provides a great variety of waters for all manner of excursions. More serious sports enthusiasts prefer inshore tours to angle some of the larger bites. Be sure to let your guide know how many members are in your private charter party, and we’ll prepare the boat with the proper equipment for the type of fishing you prefer.

How safe is this type of activity?

Safety is paramount on each tour we take. From the time we launch from the docks at Bradenton our guides carefully watch over every charter passenger. Whether we are on a private tour boating in the Tampa Bay area for some light inshore fishing or traveling offshore for sports angling in the Gulf safety is key. Our guide will perform a head count and require all tour participants to wear safety equipment.  If you have passengers with special needs, please let us know over the phone, and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate them. But, for all other purposes, our Sarasota charters have been a great deal of deep sea fun and sport for thousands of satisfied customers. Please give us a call today to learn more about our private inshore and offshore guided fishing tours in Florida!

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